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Coach Builder and Harness Manufacturer

       Returns his most sincere thanks to the Nobility, Gentry, and the
Public in general, for the liberal encouragement he has met with since he commenced
the above business. As he enlarged his premises in the New Inn Yard, with the
intention to carry on a still more extensive Concern, and finish work in a
more elegant style, for which purpose he has for several years provided a large
stock of very best timber, well seasoned, and all other necessary Materials
from the best Markets in England;  and as he has added to the Hands formerly
employed, a complete set of London Workmen of the First Rate Abilities.

       He hopes by strict attention, to be able to serve his friends in a
Manner equal, if not superior, to any Shop in London, for Taste, Fashion, and
particularly for Durability.

       Orders executed on the shortest Notice, for Home or Abroad.

       N. B. - Has on Hand, a variety of second hand Carriages and Gigs, to
sell or hire.