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       November 8th. - One patient discharged since Monday last. Remaining in
the House, 2.


It appears by the following which we copy from that spirited and well written
paper the Liverpool Mercury, that a still more striking instance of servile
Radical Loyalty than to that which we briefly alluded in our last has been
exhibited: -

       "Political Sermons. - It has been our invariable rule altogether to
abstain from theological controversy; but when a clergyman takes a pitiful
advantage of the pulpit, where he knows he cannot be answered, to abuse a political
creed, which it may be his temporal interest to denounce, as it does not lead
to the loaves and the fishes; when such a man,  and one too, of doubtful
character, quits the gospel for politics, he is, in his political capacity, a very
proper object for public animadversion; and we are only sorry, that the
letter of Inventi (sp.) upon a sermon preached in our town on Sunday last, contains
some objectional passages which render the whole inadmissible.

       If the writer would favour us with a personal interview, the Reverend
Slanderer shall not pass without his merited castigation. The sacred cause of
liberty can suffer little from the mouth of a man whose own notorious
character is the best antidote to his slander; and  the advantage of a privileged,
precluding all possibility of immediate reply, will not avail a hypocrite, when
brought to the bar of the press, where '---- alteram partem' is the motto.

       We, ought, perhaps, to plead guilty ourselves to a deficiency of taste
and gallantry, in not having been amongst the admirers of what are called
Female Reformers; but when we are told that the Reverend Gentleman alluded to has
publicly branded them as "strumpets," such grossness, in the pulpit, fully
warrants the question suggested by our correspondent, who, well aware of the
character of this Anti-Reformer, asks the following question, with which we must
conclude the present chapter:

       "Now, Sir, will you have the goodness to inform us, how you have
ascertained that the female alluded to was really what you represented? Perhaps, in
the plenitude of your prolific kindness, you graciously condescended to lend
a helping hand to make her such?"


       A Loyal Protest against the Norfolk Meeting signed by the Lord
Lieutenant of the county, Lord ORFORD. Lord WODEHOUSE, John WODEHOUSE, Esq. &c. Has
been put forth. In this Declaration, they deprecate a prejudiced crimination of
individuals whose conduct is to  be decided by the legal tribunals of the
country. They further declare, that they feel it their duty to "withhold their
support from such a Meeting, more particularly as it may become the means of
increasing, at the present moment, the spirit of insubordination already too
prevalent, and of weakening that respect and attachment which people of this
country, have always felt for the constituted authorities of the realm."