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       Yesterday evening, a sermon was preached at the Independent Meeting
House, Mount Pleasant, by the Rev. Mr. JACK; and £5.  5. 6 was collected for the
benefit of the relatives of the unfortunate sufferers at Kells Pit. In our
next we shall give an account of the Inquest. We are sorry to learn that another
explosion took place yesterday in the same pit, by which ten men or more were
injured, but no lives lost. Further particulars next week.

       The dispute between the Earl of LONSDALE and Mr. BANKS, of Wasdale, as
to the right of presentation to the small living of Wasdale Head, is at
length terminated: - the Bishop of Chester, to whose consideration the matter was
referred, having expressed his opinion in favour of the latter, the Noble Earl
consented to withdraw his claim.

       Notwithstanding the unfavourable weather on Thursday and Friday, the
Workington Hunt was very well attended, and afforded excellent sport. Near
thirty gentlemen sat down to an excellent dinner at the Green Dragon on Thursday,
and spent the evening in the most convivial and sportsman-like manner. The
Ball, on Friday evening, was attended by all the beauty and fashion of the town.
Mr. John FALCON and Mr. PEILE are the Stewards appointed for the next year.