Valuable Wood In The Stewartry
Of Kirkcudbright, For Sale.

There will be exposed to Public Sale, within the King's
Arms Inn, Dumfries, on Tuesday the 23rd of November,
1819, at Two o'clock in the afternoon.

       The Woods growing upon the lands of  Barskeoch
in the parish of Kells, and  on  the  lands of  Todsstone
in the prish of Dalry, and Stewartry of Kirkcudbright.

The  wood  upon the lands  of Barskeoch is situated on
the  West Bank of the River Ken, and extends to about
36 acres, of Ash. This wood is well grown, being above
fifty years  old,  and  of  excellent  Quality. The greater
part  of  the oak  is  fit  for spokes for cart and carriage
wheels,  and  the  Birch  for  Barrel  Staves.  The wood
upon  the  land  of Todstone, extend to about 51 acres,
consist  of  a  mixture  of  Oak and Birch and partly al-
together fo Birch.

       There are excellent roads leading from the woods
to Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Ayre.

       John  CRAVEN,   Wood  Forrester,  at  Earlston,
near New Galloway, will point out the lots.


Sole Contractors

Have the pleasure of observing that their Scheme
on the new system have received the General
Approbation of the Public, which has arisen from
the attraction of its  eight lotteries, including no
       less than TWO LOTTERIES
                    Eight of

                     on the
               9th of November
When the Lottery begins drawing.

         J & J. SIVEWRIGHT

       W. MINSHULL, Lancaster.

(A lot of this ad is missing, it was too blurred to read.)