The most remarkable traveller in Brazil, is the German Prince
MAXIMILIAN of Wied-Neuwied very lately returned home.

       This enterprising and distinguished person, left Europe for Brazil in
June 1815; he went without parade or show, for the principal companions of his
journey were two men of humble but respectable stations in life, the one was
the Gardener SIMMONIS, a man of sound judgment, great knowledge, uncommon
activity, and fearless of danger, the other an experienced and expert huntsman. To
them when he landed in Brazil he added the necessary attendants. With
increasing perseverance and resolution he traversed and explored unknown tracts from
the 13 to the 23 degree of south latitude, nothing short of impeding his

       The result of his remarkable journey has been the collection of a more
curious and extensive series of observations and of natural productions of
Brazil than has been made since the days of Prince MORITZ in the year 1636. We
are informed that Prince MAXIMILIAN has brought home with him, among other
curiosities a series of human skulls of the different tribes of savages, and also
those of several quadrupeds which have not hitherto been examined by
naturalists. Seventy-six different species of quadrupeds; about 400 distinct species of
birds, of which there are 2,500 specimens. Seventy-nine different species of
amphibious animals particularly many beautiful snakes, upwards of 5,000
insects, of which many are entirely new, a few shells and fishes, 5,000 plants, and
a vast collection of seeds. and a portfolio of 200 drawings made by the
Prince, of scenery, different Tribes of Savages, and other objects of natural

       We are happy to learn that the Prince of Neuwied has announced his
intention of publishing an account of his travels, and of various objects of
natural history he has met with in four vol. quarto with maps and plates.