To be  Sold, by Public Aution, for Ready
Money, near the New Quay, Whitehaven
on  Thursday,  the 28th  day  of October,
Inst,  the  entire  materials  of  the Snow
Tartar, a Wreck.

The sale to commence  at 10 o'clock  in
the forenoon, and  to continue  till all  be

                    Joseph WHITE, Auctioneer.
Maryport, Oct. 16, 1819.


Teacher of Music

Respectfully begs leave to return his grateful
Acknowledgments to the Ladies and Gentle-
men   of    Whitehaven,    Workington    and
Neighbourhood  in general for the very liberal
Encouragement  he  has  experienced,   and
assures  them  that every attention  shall  be
paid to the improvement of those pupils who
may be placed under his care.

Whitehaven, Market-place, (No. 55.)
October 18, 1819.



To be Let by Ticket, for  a Term  of  Years,
on Thursday  the  4th  of  November, 1819,
at  Mr.  Thomas  HODGSON's,  Innkeeper,
in  the  Market-place,  Whitehaven, (and to
be  entered  upon  the  25th  day of  March,

All   those   two  Messuages,   or    Tenements,
with the lands,   Grounds,  and   Appurtenances
thereto   belonging   situate  at   Whillymoor,  in
the    parish   of    Arlecdon,  in   the  county   of
Cumberland,  commonly  called  and  known  by
the   names   of  Greenspot   and   Black-Lands,
( heretofore  Thomas  THOMPSON's  deceased)
at the present in the occupation of G. M'MILLIAN,
as Farmer.

Terms  and  conditions  may  be known, on appli-
cation  to  Mr.  Thomas HINDE, Sail-maker, near
the  New  Quay,  the  proprietor;  or,  to   Messrs.
Richard  SHERWEN, and Son, Solicitors,