by Thomas WILSON, No. 2, Senhouse-Street: and published every Monday Evening,
at his shop, No. 45 King-Street, where orders and advertisements are
received. Also by the following agents:

Messrs. NEWTON & Co., No. 5, Warwick-Square

Mr. J. WHITE, No. 53 Fleet-Street, London

Mr. DIXON, Bookseller, Workington

Mr. BAILEY, Bookseller, Cockermouth

Mr. J. OTLEY, Keswick

Mr. J. NICHOLSON, Maryport

Mr. T. IRVING, Kings Arms Inn, Wigton

Mr. C. KING, Carlisle

Mr. J. SHAW, Bookseller, Penrith

Mr. J. NICHOLSON, Ambleside

R. LOUGH & Co. , Kendal

Mr. J. SANDERSON, Kirkby-Stephen

Mr. J. FISHER, Lancaster

Mr. JEFFERSON, Bookseller, Douglas, Isle of Man

Mr. D. MATHIESON, Sorby, near Wigton, Low District of Gateway, N. B.