There is nothing so indispensable to a genteel appearance as a clean
boot or shoe. A man's fortune or his talents may be of the most shining sort;
but unless his boots have a little of the true shining quality also, he will
meet with but a comparative small part of the respect and admiration that may be
his due. This is the law of fashion, and she must be obeyed. The truth of
this fact is undeniable;  and when it is universally allowed that there is
nothing so odious in society, and so much against the laws of cleanliness and
decorum, as foul and ill cleaned boots or shoes, who would not seek after the proper

       It has been frequently remarked; and particularly by the Fair Sex, how
beautifully the feet of those gentlemen appear who use TURNER's real Japan
Blacking, for its unquestionably the best that is made, for giving a fine and
wholesome polish to boots and shoes. It is therefore recommended to gentlemen
and Ladies, as the only article of this kind which they ought to purchase, as it
produces the highest polish, and jet black ever beheld.

       Friends will be kind to request their Carriers and Servants to ask
particularly for TURNER's Blacking, the country being inundated with a great
quantity of trash, what some please to style Japan Blacking.

       N. B. This elegant composition may be had at the Grocers, Stationers,
Perfumers, Ironmongers, Druggists, Boot-makers and Shopkeepers in general in
this town; and all others throughout this country, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Ask for TURNER's Blacking at 6d  1s each

Blacking Manufactory, No. 114 London-road  Southwark.