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       It appears by the experiments of Mr. MARTIN, (an eminent farmer)
instituted on a large scale, for the express purpose of estimating the relative
value  of the bark of larch (larix pyramidalis) to that of the oak, that the
results were as follows:

       1st, that the equal weights and qualities of skins prepared in
precisely similar methods by means of oak and larch bark - the larch tanned specimens
were found to be specifically heavier than those prepared by the oak bark.

2nd,  the colour of the larch - tanned leather  is a light fawn, while that
of the oak tanned is of a deep brown.

3rd, that in respect of durability the great test of the utility of the
leather specimens of both kinds were submitted to actual experiment in shoe soles
and found to be equally lasting.


POTASH IN SEA WATER. Dr. WOLLASTON has recently ascertained the existence of
potash in sea water; he estimates the proportion of this alkali, which he
supposes to exist in the state of sulphate, at something less than one 2000th part
of the water at its average density.



       In analyzing the seeds of the Delphinitin Staphysagria, M. LASSAIGNE
and FENEUELLE have discovered a new alkali combined with Malte Acid. It is a
very fine white chrystalline powder without smell, and appearing brilliant in
the sun - they propose to call it delphine.