The owners and masters of vessels engaged in the Coal, Coasting, and
North American trades in particular, are informed that a socirty is about to be
established in this county, for the purpose of mutual insurance and Shipping.

       With this view, a meeting has already been called and a Committee
chosen to form such Resolutions as may seem best calculated to benefit those
interested in this important Institution.

       When the resolutions and articles (which will bear a resemblance in
many respects to those established on the Eastern Coast) are drawn out, they
will be published for the Inspection of Ship owners without delay. In the mean
time, the committee beg leave to inform those who feel inclined to countenance
this Society, that a premium of five per cent. on the sum insured, must be paid
at the Commencement of the Risque.

       As the Committee wish to have this establishment upon an extended
scale, they beg the attendance of the shipping Interest, from the neighbouring
ports, at the Globe Inn, in King-street, Whitehaven, where a General Meeting will
be held, on Thursday the 21st inst.  at two o'clock in the afternoon.

Whitehaven, 9th Oct. 1819.