(From Dublin Evening Post)
    Scarcely a day passes without or receiving cheering intelligence from
South America, and particularly from that part of it, in which so many Irish
interests and Irish feelings are now engaged. The arms of Venezuela continue to
triumph, and each succeeding account tends to raise the spirit and increase the
confidence of those who have embarked in the cause of independence, of liberty
and justice.
    Our readers are already aware of the capture of Barcelona by the
Patriots. This news we had through various channels leaving no doubt of the fact.
Since our last official confirmation of the intelligence has been received.
    The expedition from Margaritta having presented itself before Barcelona,
the batteries of the Morro, were on the 18th of July taken by assault. The
attack was commanded by Colonel URSLAR, and he effected his object with the loss
of only eleven men and two officers. The city was afterwards occupied by the
Patriots. Colonel URSLAR was left to act as Governor. Immediately after this
operation had been completed, General URDANETA, Commander-in-Chief of the
Expedition, ordered the army to be landed at Bordones, a place less than a league
distant from Cumana. In this position they were joined by several divisions
belonging to General BERMUDEZ's army, and every preparation was making a spirited
    The Spanish Squadron was blockaded by Admiral BRION, in the port of
Cumana, and the forts and the town were soon expected to fall into the hands of the
    General MARINO had returned to Angostura to take his seat in Congress.
The Orinoko papers contain nothing farther of importance, except the official
details of General MARINO's late victory over the Spanish Division under ARANA,
of which we sometime since published the result. This army has since been
placed under the orders of General BERMUDEZ, who had dispersed a corps of 600
Royalists, on their way to Arana, being ignorant of his defeat. Those who escaped
fled to Calabozo.
    We a few days since announced the fall of Cumana, and capture of the
Royalist squadron by Admiral BRION, on the authority of accounts from St. Thomas's
and the United States. We are in daily expectation of the official
intelligence of this important event. The city of Caraccas will be the next object of
attack. From General URDANETA, and the fine troops under General ENGLISH, every
thing that talent and valour can accomplish may be expected.
    After the preceding paragraph had been put into type, we received our
London Letters, written late on Wednesday evening, one of which says - "By a
Gentleman arrived this day from Angostura, we have information that Admiral BRION
has succeeded in capturing three Spanish vessels, at the entrance of the
Harbour of Cumana. That place had not yet fallen when the last accounts were
transmitted, but every expectation was entertained that it would speedily surrender.
The garrison is reduced to the last extremity."
    The accounts from St. Thomas stating the actual fall of Cumana, are of a
later date than any that could at that period have reached Angostura. However,
taking all the accounts together, there can be little doubt of this important
place being now in the hands of the Patriots.