Spirit and Porter Business.

Francis DAWSON begs leave to inform his Friends
and the Public, that he has taken the shop, No. 60,
Market-place, lately occupied by Messrs. JACOB
- THOMPSON and Co; and having laid in a stock
of the best Articles, and being desirous of serving
his friends on the most favourbale terms, he flatters
himself that he will be honoured  with a Share of the
Public Support.

The Shop will be opened on Thursday the 14th inst.
        *** Country orders punctually attendede to.

Whitehaven, Oct. 11, 1819.


New and Extensive Drapery

Selling Off, at Prime Cost, for Ready Money only,
at No. 72, Market-Place , Whitehaven, for the
benefit of the creditors of William UDALL, all his
valuable stock of goods, consisting of almost every
variety in the woollen and Linen Drapery Lines,
recently purchased at the Best Markets, and well
deserving the Attention of the Public.

The Sale will commence on Thursday the 14th Instant
under the Direction of the Undersigned, to whom all
Debts due to the Concern are to be paid.

                              Jacob THOMPSON
                            Agent for the Creditors of
                              William UDALL.
Whitehaven, 11th Oct. 1819.