"The abstract and brief chronicle of the Times." -SHAKS


       It is with painful feelings that we record the following tragical
story, the scene of which was in the neighbourhood of Wortley: -

       Early on Sunday morning, as two of the game keepers belonging to J. A.
S WORTLEY, Esq., were going their usual rounds, they perceived four men
approaching on the high road, who they immediately suspected were bent on unlawful
sport. They would have concealed themselves in a contiguous quarry to watch
their motions, but believing themselves already seen, they proceeded on till
they met, when one of them familiarly accosted the first of the company (whom he
knew) by saying, "Well, my lad, thou hast got thy gun with thee this morning,
and (stroking him on the waistcoat,) plenty of snicles!"

       The fellow immediately replying, "What, do you want to rob me?"
presented his piece, and fired, the contents passing completely through the body of
the keeper. He had no sooner fallen, then they all instantly attacked his
companion, and knocked him down with the butt end of the gun; while they were
beating him with sticks, a cry of "Stick him, stick him," was overheard by the
unfortunate man who was already wounded; the sound suddenly rousing him  to a
vigorous effort, he managed to seize his gun, and to level it at the group as
they were engaged in the barbarous attack upon his comrade. The shot took effect
upon one of them, and brought him down, when the other three immediately fled.

       The game keeper being released, though dreadfully bruised, crawled to
a cottage not far distant, and spread an alarm. Warrants were immediately
procured, and search made. The man who had been shot by the first keeper was found
in bed at his own house, and is likely to recover; another (the man who shot
the keeper) was apprehended, and brought yesterday to Sheffield gaol; and the
remaining two have absconded. They all resided in the neighbouring village of

       The keeper who fell under the attack of the whole gang, was not
dangerously hurt, but his wounded colleague, we are grieved to add, is dead.