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       Of the warlike preparations of the Great Powers much has of late been
said on the Continent. Of the Augmentation of the French and Russian Armies,
we have had official information. The building and repairing of fortresses is
stated with equal certainty, and the exertion on the part of Austria to add her
military strength has been communicated through such a variety of channels,
that we can entertain no doubt as to the fact. Connected with all these
symptoms of approaching hostilities, a letter from Paris received to-day under date
of the 29th of September, says - "Whatever may be the result of the rumours
widely circulated, and generally accredited, in the political circles of the
Capital, they have lately acquired so much consistence, that I lose no time in
transmitting them to you. The late UKASE of the Emperor of Russia, levying on his
population of forty millions of inhabitants one man in 250, produces an
increase to his army of 160,000 soldiers, so that the whole mass of his disposable
force may be justly calculated at 900,000 men.

       Great military preparations are observed throughout the whole of
Germany: - the regiments are receiving their full compliment, and fortresses of
Gallicia are about being armed with promptitude.

       Austria, should it be thought necessary, will be able to open the
campaign in the early months of spring.

       The King of Bavaria has not made any declaration, but no doubt is
entertained that the secret negotiations of this court are in unison with it's
family alliances.

       The King of Wurtemburg quitted Stutgard yesterday, to concert with the
Emperor of Russia at Warsaw, in whose views he entirely acquiesces. The other
German Princes are waiting the impulsion of England, which is closely united
with the cabinet of Versailles in the measures which it may be judged right to
adopt. The German liberals propagate reports that the Emperor of Russia, on
his arrival in Warsaw, proposes to unite the Kingdom of Poland Palatinates
which are separated from it at the first and second division, to recall the
Russian garrisons, to abolish corporal punishment, especially the use of the stick
in the Army, to reduce the Taxes, and to remove some of the Principal
Functionaries who (according to the liberals) have incurred the hatred of the nation by
acting with a vigour beyond the law, and beyond their instructions.