SIR, -- I think it is quite fair and reasonable for a correspondent to ask

what about the "Bentinck Memorial" to which they subscribed. All I can say

is that I collected, under considerable difficulties, and in the course of

several months, a sum sufficient to purchase a modest blass (brass ?) eagle

lectern to place in Holy Trinity Church. It is not however £50 , nor yet


Perhaps some who are interested in the project (and who have not as yet

given anything towards it) would like to come forward now. Some months ago

it was thought advisable to form a committee to take the matter proposed in

hand. I can only say that I hope the powers that be will see the

advisability of proceeding with the matter now without further loss of time.

The friends who so kindly helped me in my effort will be able to see that

the matter has been taken out of my hands. Although the sum collected has

been indeed entered in my name in the bank; also, at the proper time the

names of all subscribers and the sums subscribed by them will be duly


Yours faithfully,


Hensingham, April 27th.



DEAR SIR, --- The suggestions made in your article of the 15th inst., with

regard to alterations in the train service of the Furness Railway Co. are

worthy of consideration, especially that affecting our market day, which, if

carried out would be generally beneficial.

We hope that MR. ASLETT will be able to give careful consideration to this


Yours faithfully,


Whitehaven, April 26th, 1897.


I am unable to publish other letters received on this subject, and have been

forced to curtail other communications owing to want of space.