SIR, -- From recent paragraphs and letters in your paper it would appear

that it is intended to make a coach road over the Sty Head Pass in

Cumberland. I shall, therefore, be obliged if you will allow me to enter my

protest against any such scheme being undertaken.

The district immediately surrounding the pass in question is one of the few

places in England where jaded man can get away from the sordid strife of

every day life, and enjoy the exhilarating breath of the mountains in peace,

"far from the madding crowd".

It is contended by the promotoers of this scheme that it will make Wastwater

easy of access. Undoubtedly; but is this to be desired for a place whose

chief charms are its seclusion and peace? The very mention of the road is

enough to make the dry bones of the late WILL RITSON speak.

I expect in a few years hence to return to the old country, and I sincerely

hope to find the Sty Head Pass in its present natural condition, and not

used as a promenade for invalids in bath chairs.

WILLIAM A. TURNER, Madras, March 20th.

This appeared in a Manchester paper.