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SIR WILFRID LAWSON for many years held Whitehaven up for ridicule, but his

banter ceased on the accidental success of the Radicals in returning MR. T.

S. LITTLE for a brief space as their Parliamentary representative. He has

since favoured the town with more patronage than humour. On Thursday week a

son of SIR WILFRID's visited the town, and took a fancy to some bacon

selling at a stall in the market at twopence per pound. Of this he

purchased a large piece which was wrapped in paper, and was considered of

such value that the young gentleman actually carried it himself to a shop

where he had made other purchases, and whence it was despatched to the

train. The opinion of SIR WILFRID LAWSON on that bit of cheap bacon would

be most interesting.

REV. MR. BRATT, who is terminating his curacy at Hensingham, has obtained


The REV. A. NAIRN and MRS. NAIRN left Whitehaven to take up their residence

in London last week.

At Stockport yesterday, two players, A. WILKINSON and W. KEMP, died from

injuries received while playing football.

MR. H. MOORE, C.E., of Gillfoot and Whitehaven, left Liverpool on Thursday

last on a prospecting tour through Newfoundland.

MR. and MRS. T. KIRKBRIDE, Globe Inn, Hensingham, entertained the Hensingham

United Football Club to supper on Friday evening.

H.R.H. THE DUCHESS OF YORK gave birth to a daughter on Sunday; the infant

Princess ranks fifth in succession to the throne.

MR. WM. M'GOWAN has returned from New Zealand, and appears to enjoy the best

of health. His voyage has evidently done him good.

THE PRINCE OF WALES has approved of the design and colour of the Hospital

Stamps which will shortly be issued at 1s and 2s 6d respectively.

In the estimate for the Carlisle general district rate, it is proposed to

levy a rate of 2s 6d in the £, being a reduction of 4d in last year's rate.

The Sale of Work in connection with Harrington Church held last week

realised about £24. This, with the Easter offerings, which amounted to £34,

is considered very satisfactory.

MR. DUNNE is the oldest Chief Constable in the United Kingdom. Last week,

as such, he presided at a meeting at Birmingham of Chief Constables, held to

decide how they as a body should celebrate the Queen's longest reign.

MR. SANDERSON, of the Grand Hotel, Liverpool, and formerly of Whitehaven and

Workington, was charged last week end with keeping a disorderly house, but

the evidence was considered insufficient, and the case was dismissed.

A Barrow butcher named TURNER was charged at that place on Friday with

dealing in unsound meat. He was defended by MR. ATTER. The case was not

considered by the Bench to be a serious one, and the defendant was fined £1,

with £1 17s 6d costs.

T. and J. WINSHAW, colliers, were fined 52s including costs at Workington

Police Court yesterday for contravening special rules of a coal mine at

Great Clifton. The offence was in riding on a set of bogies, through which

WM. JACKSON, with whom they were in company, was killed.

The handsome silver epergne presented to MR. W. DIXON, J.P., C.C., and

chairman of the Cleator Moor Urban District Couoncil, on the occasion of his

marriage, which took place on Thursday, by the official of the latter, was

on view in the window of MR. BEWLAY's shop at Cleator Moor last week, and

was much admired.