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The difficulty of pleasing everybody has often been experienced and talked

about, but on Thursday last MRS. J. R. BAIN, the Deputy-Ruling Councillor of

the Whitehaven Primrose League, succeeded in accomplishing this difficult

operation through the grand entertainment she designed and carried out.

I do not remember ever witnessing a dramatic performance in the district

before which passed off so enjoyably and free from hitches, and which was so

splendidly maintained from beginning to end with sprightly talk and real

good acting.

We have some Press men in Whitehaven who fancy they know all that is worth

knowing about pictures, singing, music, the drama, &c. and who go in for

elaborate criticism, sometimes to the annoyance and oftener to the amusement

of the parties concerned. This cannot be laid to my charge, as I candidly

admit that I don't know the first thing about one or the other.

I attended the entertainment with the expectation of witnessing a display of

the usual amateur kind, and so was very agreeably disappointed, as the

acting was almost faultless, the arrangements excellent, and the audience

appreciative and sympathetic, though far from demonstrative or enthusiastic.

No doubt I will be expected to express an opinion on the ability of the

actors and actresses, so from the point of view of one who is not a

competent critic, but who is merely guided by his own ideas of what is in

good taste and true to nature, I proceed to do so.

to be continued.......................