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MOORE - PARKER - On the 7th August 1882 at St. Thomas' Church, Lancaster, James MOORE, formerly of Cockermouth to Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Robert Parker, Lancaster.



HETHERINGTON- On the 10th August, 1882, at Garborough, Crosby, Mr. Daniel HETHERINGTON, labourer, aged 78 years.


WRIGHT - On the 14th August at Ellenborough, Mr. George WRIGHT, coalminer aged 31 years.


BARNES- On the 16th August 1882, at Furnace lane, Maryport, Isabella, infant daughter of Mr. John H. BARNES, painter.


SEWELL - On the 14th August, 1882 at Well-lane, Maryport, Annie Hall, infant daughter of Captain Joseph SEWELL.


ARMSTRONG - On the 10th August, 1882, at High Pow, Durdar, Robert ARMSTRONG, aged 30 years.


WARE - on the 10th August at Challoner-street, Cockermouth, Mr. Henry WARE, aged 63 years.