John SIM and Joseph SIM, labourers , Cockermouth, were charged with having, on the 8th inst., in the township of Isel, unlawfully attempted to take salmon from the river Derwent, with a net having less dimensions than two inches in extent from knot to knot. - The charge against Joseph SIM was withdrawn.

Henry HELMES, river watcher, stated that while he was watching the river Derwent, in company with Sir Wilfrid LAWSON's keeper, he saw two men - on in the water and the other on the bank of the river. Witness and his companion concealed themselves, and when the two men came near, witness rushed out and seized John SIM, who attempted to strike him with a stick. The other man got away.

Defendant was fined £5 and costs, amounting to 13s 6d.; in default, two months imprisonment with hard labour.



Mr. PAISLEY said the hearing of the charges against Mark ARMSTRONG, Robert Key CARRUTHERS, and Jonathan BOYD were adjourned to enable the parties to appar before the auditor. He had to state that the parties had appeared befor the auditor, and the only question now was that of costs.

The auditor had been compelled to take the proceedings in the execution of a public duty, and he ought to be indemnified for the negligence of these men. - The Bench made an order for the payment of costs.