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Edward SMITH, coalminer and John WHITHEAD, labourer, both of Branthwaite, were charged with having on the 8th inst., wilfully damaged a window at Dean, the property of Thomas GEORGE.

The complainant stated that a lot of young men came about his premises on the night in question but he knew only two of them. What their intentions were he did not know, but they put a ladder up against the window and broke the glass.

The Clerk: Did you see these men break the window?

Complainant: No, sir.

The Clerk: You say the window was broken; how many panes?

Complainant: Two of them

The Clerk: What is the cost?

Complainant: One shilling each. I want to be very lenient.

The Clerk: Did you see these men breaking the window?

Complainant: No, sir; but what were they there for. It might be criminal. - The complainant, who insisted on talking, was removed from the court by a policeman.

Elizabeth BURNS stated that she saw the two defendants put a ladder up against the complainants window and it went through. They also threw sticks and cinders at the window. - Joseph DOBINSON gave gave corroborative evidence.

The defendants were fined 10s each and ordered to pay costs amounting to 14s each, and 2s for the damage to the window.