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On Sunday a man who had on the previous day stolen the sum of 4 from the house of Mrs. GOLIGHTLY, of Catherine-street, Whitehaven, went to a public house kept by John CARRUTHERS, at Parton, and had dinner. After dinner he went upstairs to wash himself, and whilst there appropriated between 6 and 7 worth of jewellery and a necktie belonging to Mr. CARRUTHERS, which he placed in his pocket.

When he left the house Mr. CARRUTHERS accompanied him to the railway station, and when walking together observed the necktie partly hanging out of the pocket of the stranger, and he told him to be careful or he would lose it. The stranger put the necktie into his pocket again, and on arriving at the station he entered into conversation with Police-constable TOMER until the arrival of the train, when he took his departure.

Police-constable TOMER is very desirous of having another interview with the interesting stranger.



On Sunday at St. Kentigernâ??s Church, Aspatria, sermons were preached and collections made on behalf of the above society. In the morning the sermon was preached by the Rev. T. W. POWELL, and in the evening by the Rev. H. M. TODD, of Westnewton, one of the Inspectors of the Society. There were good congregations and fair collections.



Yesterday at the Whitehaven Board of Guardians meeting letters were read sanctioning increases of salary to:

Mr. J. MOSSOP, assistant overseer, St. Bridget's

Mr. J. PORTER, assistant overseer, Lamplugh

Mr. J. MOFFAT, assistant overseer, Salter and Eskett

Mr. I. DICKINSON, assistant overseer, Moresby

A letter from Mr. ACHURCH, one of the overseers of Whitehaven, in reference to the large amount of outstanding arrears of poor rate was ordered to be forwarded to the Local Government Board.

Dr. DICK reported that he had visited the house of a man named WILKINSON, at Parton, in reference to the state of the children in it, and he found that they had sufficient food but were otherwise neglected, and the premises were in a bad sanitary condition. It was agreed to send a copy of the letter to the Rural Sanitary Authority.