A largely attended representative conference of the pastors and delegates of English Congregational Churches in North Wales, held on Monday at Rhyl, a resolution approving the government steps in relation to higher education in Wales was passed, and also another in which the Conference expressed to the Right Honourable W. E. GLADSTONE its continued confidence in him, its hearty congratulation on the remarkable success he has achieved, and its earnest desire that he may witness the still fuller triumph of his righteous and beneficent policy.

The Accrington Liberal Association, at a meeting held on Monday evening, unanimously passed a resolution expressing gratitude to the Government for the firm and dignified manner in which they met the Lord's amendments of the Arrears Bill, and declaring that the House of Lords in opposing measures necessary for the benefit of the Country pursued a course fatal to good government and perilous to national interests. The resolution further urged that the House of Lords does not represent the true feeling of the country, and is an obstruction to liberal legislation and efficient government.

Another resolution, in support of the procedure resolutions and expressing sympathy with Mr. GLADSTONE was passed.