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A further unseemly and disgraceful scene was witnessed at St. Jude's Church, Liverpool, on Sunday.

In the forenoon there was a large congregation, and during the service some young men kept jeering, laughing, and making offensive observations one to another. When the vicar, the Rev. E. J. A. FITZROY, ascended the pulpit and gave out the text, some forty young men got up from their seats and walked out of the church.

The dispute between Mr. FITZROY and the people's warden, Mr. BAILLIE still continues. Mr. FITZROY states that Mr. BAILLIE will not collect the offertory in the proper and authorised manner. This, however, Mr. BAILLIE disputes; and yesterday made a collection, using a plate for the purpose. When at the altar rails he offered the money so collected to Mr. FITZROY, and the latter declined to receive it. At the close of the service a large and noisy crowd assembled outside the church, and a body of police had to clear the street.

The evening service passed off more quietly. There was again a large congregation, but beyond one of the members hissing twice while the creed was being intoned there was no interruption. Mr. FITZROY waited for half an hour after the service, and then drove away in a cab amidst the jeers and hissing of the crowd.




All Berlin (the Standard's correspondent says) has been horrified by the news of a quintuple murder. A mother and her four children of tender age were on Saturday evening all discovered lying dead in their dwelling, death having been caused by strangulation or hanging.

The husband and father, a porter named CONRAD, who had deserted his family for six months past, has been arrested on suspicion of having committed the crime.



A shocking disaster is reported from the city of Grodno, in Russia. A barrel of gunpowder concealed by a tradesman in the cellar underneath an elementary school accidentally exploded while the children and teachers were all in school.

The explosion was of tremendous violence, reducing the building to a heap of ruins, and burying the inmates in the debris. The windows and the doors of a church and other buildings in the neighbourhood were completely shattered. Nearly all the school children, most of whom were Jews, were killed, and within an hour of the catastrophe a heap of bodies had been extricated from the ruins.