At Whitehaven Police-Court, yesterday, James BURNS, miner, was charged, on remand, with having violently  assaulted John MARTIN, gamekeeper, of Dent Cottage. Mr. LUMB appeared to prosecute, and said MARTIN was improving, but he could not appear for a fortnight yet. John TYNDALL, who had seen MARTIN the night before, was present, and would give evidence if necessary.
     A certificate was handed in from Dr. BRAITHWAITE, showing that MARTIN was improving, but he could not appear that day. The magistrates adjourned the case till next Thursday, and the defendant was allowed out on bail again.
      Jonathan BURRIDGE, a railway workman living at Distington, was charged at the Whitehaven Police Court yesterday, with having assaulted an elderly woman named Mary CLARK, at Common-side, Distington.
     Mrs. CLARK stated that on Tuesday night defendant whilst fresh of drink, had struck her and knocked her against a door.
     Mr. ATTER who defended, said Mrs. CLARK had a retriever dog which had proved a great nuisance in the district. Whilst BURRIDGE was passing the complainant's house the dog ran out and bit him. He went to complainant, and they got to words about the dog, and defendant put his fist in Mrs. CLARK's face.
     The magistrates found the charge proved, and fined defendant 30s., including costs or one month's imprisonment.