On Tuesday evening last a meeting of gentlemen interested in erecting a memorial to the memory of the late Dr. DODGSON was held in the Court House, Cockermouth. The Rev. J. GREEN, M. A., occupied the chair.
     Mr. C. MAYSON proposed that a stained window be erected in the Christ Church, and Mr. FIDLER seconded this.
     As an amendment. Mr. E. L. WAUGH proposed that the memorial take the form of  a drill shed and gymnasium. This porposition was seconded by Mr. BLACK. The chairman put the motion and amendment to the meeting. The motion was carried. The meeting terminated with a vote of thanks to the chairman.
     At the request of the Rev. H. NEEDLE a Bible Class was commenced at Flimby by Mr. David JACKSON, Risehow, a few months ago, and it was so prospered, and the attendance is so large, that on Tuesday evening Mr. JACKSON delivered a lecture to it on "Small beginnings, great endings."
     Mr. JACKSON was supported by the vice president, Mr. J. CAMPBELL, Mr. G. HODGSON, Mr. HARRY and Mr. ALLEN, secretary of the committee.
     Mr. JACKSON spoke for an hour and a quarter, and a very warm vote of thanks was accorded to him. We are pleased to find that this class is leading to a vast amount of good in Flimby.