Yesterday morning, a man, named Robert DAVIDSON, a rag carpet weaver, residing at Great Broughton, was found dead in a house where he has been living by himself for some time.
     It appears that on Sunday last the deceased, whilst out for a walk, was taken very ill, and had to be conveyed home. From that time until he was found dead he had been complaining about pain across his chest, but was well enough to go about his work.
     Yesterday morning, his daughter missing him went to his house and found the door locked. She immediately procured assistance, and a blacksmith named TURNER succeeded in getting the door open, and he, with the deceased's brother, Joseph DAVIDSON, went into the house.
     The deceased was found lying on the ground in his night shirt in a stooping position, and it was surmised that he got up during the night and died on the floor. It is thought that heart disease was the cause of the death.