The Naval Committee have reported favourably to the Senate of the United States on a Bill which provides for the construction of six open-hearth steel cruisers, two of them to be not less than 5,000 or more than 6,000 tons displacement, and to be armed with four breech loading rifled cannon of not less than 8 in. calibre, and twenty-one breech-loading cannon 6 inch calibre.
    The remaining four cruisers are to be of not less than 4,300 or more than 4,700 tons displacement,a nd to be armed with four breech-loading cannon of not less than 8 in calibre, and fifteen of not less than 6 inch calibre. The Bill also authorises  the construction of one steel ram of not less than 2,000 tons displacement, four steam cruising boats, and four steam harbour torpedo boats.
    The steel used in the construction of these vessels is to be of home manufacture, and one half of them are to be built in the navy yards and the others by contract. The estimate for the whole is £10,000,000.
    The hired transport Calabria, with Sir Garnet WOLSELEY and the household cavalry on board, arrived at Alexandria on Monday night.
    It being reported on Monday night that the Egyptian Regulars besides Bedouins were in the neighbourhood of Mex, Sir Archibald ALISON increased the strength of the British outposts by a detachment of the Gordon Highlanders and some Marine Artillery.
    Before daybreak on Tuesday, Colonel GERARD, of the Mounted Infantry, rode to within a half mile of the enemy's second line. The enemy sent out some horsemen against them. The reconnoitering party retired firing upon and killing some of their pursuers. There were no casualties on the British side. Colonel GERARD telegraphs to headquarters that he succeeded in making a good reconnaisance of the enemy's lines from the flank.