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    On Sunday the remains fo Mr. Henry WARE were interred in the cemetery, Cockermouth. As the deceased was a member of the "Sir Wilfrid LAWSON" Lodge of Good Templars the members turned out in large numbers to pay a last tribute of respect to one with whom they had been so long associated. There were also present at the funeral members from Broughton, Brigham and the Eaglesfield and a large number of Greysouthen lodges of the Blue Ribbon Army.
    The funeral cortege, headed by the Good Templars and Blue Ribbonites, left the house of the deceased about two o'clock, and proceeded to the cemetery. While the service inside the chapel was being gone through, the Blue Ribbonites and Good Templars marched to the side of the grave where they formed a circle.
    The funeral service was read by Rev. John GREEN, M. A., vicar of Christ Church, Cockermouth, and at it's conclusion an appropriate address was delivered by the Rev. J. M'NAB, of  Broughton (District Chaplain of the Good Templars). Prayer was also offered by the same gentleman, and the service concluded.
    The funeral was attended by a large number of people, most of whom remained behind to take a lst look at the coffin, which was of polished pine. The plate of the coffin bore the following inscription:
    "Henry WARE, died August 10th, 1882, aged 62 years."
    The Rev. J. GREEN appropriately referred to the deceased at the evening service in Christ Church.