At the Stockton County-court on Tuesday, Mr. H. K. SPARK came up for his examination as a bankrupt before Mr. E. R. TURNER, Judge. Mr. JONES, solicitor, Manchester, appeared for the bankrupt, and informed his Honour that every information had been afforded to the Trustees, and that Mr. SPARK was ready to give any further account with reference to his affairs.

The application was opposed by Mr. STEPHENSON, of Darlington, for the Trustees, on the ground that between the date of the liquidation petition in 1876 and the date of the ajudication in 1880 Mr. SPARK was dealing, but had not given the trustees any account of such transactions. Two books had been given to the Trustees by the bankrupt - one purporting to be a ledger and another a journal - and in them there appeared to be a few transactions dated between August and December, 1878, but beyond that no statement of the bankrupt's dealings were furnished to the Trustees.

On the 7th July last some accounts were filed, but those trustees considered insufficient, and they asked for an adjournment of the case, in order to get fuller accounts.

The bankrupt, in filing his petition in August, 1876, represented his assets as worth £344,431, and promised to pay 20s in the pound, but in the end only paid the eighth of a penny in the pound, a circumstance which should weigh with his Honour on the present examination.

Mr. JONES in replying, said that the whole of the transactions which had been referred to consisted in a small quantity of coal, which was resold at the time, the amount realised being only about £200, which was used for the maintenance of the bankrupt, and he maintained that the whole of the affairs of this Court in respect of the defendant were prior to 1876.

Mr. SPARK has always been willing to afford the trustees every information, and he thought it was an act of captiousness to oppose the present proceedings. His Honours said the trustees had made no move to get accounts for a period of two years, and there was no reason to prevent the bankrupt passing today. As there was no other opposition, his Honour made an order accordingly.