On Saturday last the annual sports, promoted by Mr. Jas. SCOTT, of the Queen

’s Head Inn, were held at Westnewton. There was not a very large attendance

during the afternoon, but there was a good number towards the evening. The

sports commenced with a pigeon shooting, which only brought seven competitors

into the field. The prize, 2, and the entrance money added, was divided by:

W. PIRT, Gilcrux


J. JEFFERSON, Aspatria

Abbey COOPER, Aspatria

E. WILSON, Aspatria

The first three named killing nine birds each out of ten, with two entries,

and WILSON five birds with one entry. W. FOSTER, Westnewton, killed eight

birds out of ten, J. LIGHTFOOT, Gilcrux, three out of four, and J. SCOTT,

Westnewton, two out of four.

This was followed by an open horse race. There were only two entries - Mr.

J. TEMPLE’s (Allonby) Prince Charlie and Mr. J. CROSTHWAITE’s (Crooklands)

King John. Both horses got fairly got fairly together, and the crowd told them

to “go.” The starter called them back, and Prince Charlie was pulled up; the

other, who was piloted by his owner, took the course by himself and on

finishing claimed the first prize. The Judge, Mr. E. WILSON, however, gave it as “

no race” as they had not been properly started. CROSTHWAITE would not run

over again, and neither received the prize.

For the bicycle race, (two miles) five started. J. WAITE, Plasket Lands,

came in first by 200 yards; T. MACKENZIE, Maryport, second, and D. PETRIE,

Aspatria, third. J. SANDWITH, Aspatria, had a very awkward fall when about 400

yards from the start. For several minutes he lay quite unconscious, and it was

with great difficulty that he was got back to Westnewton, where he was

attended to, and at a later hour conveyed home. Pitching concluded the sports.