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At the Workington Petty Sessions on Wednesday Annie HEADLY, Quay-side, Workington, a strong muscular woman, was charged with having assaulted her son-in-law, John LARKIN.

The defendant in answer to the charge, admitted having struck the complainant. Mr. PAISLEY who appeared for the complainant, said he was instructed to claim protection for his client against his mother-in-law, who was in the habit of going into complainants house and tearing him out and otherwise abusing him. On three occasions recently the defendant had ill used the complainant, and a week last Tuesday she threw complainant out of his own house, and he had never been able to get in since.

The defendant was a woman who was in the habit of taking drink, and when she was drunk she went to the complainant's house and abused him.

The defendant: Have you done: am I allowed to speak now?

The Clerk: You have pleaded guilty.

The defendant: But he is my son-in-law.

Mr. PAISLEY: She claims the right to chastise him (laughter.)

The complainants stated that his mother-in-law came into his house and sat down. After a little while she went out and went home, but her husband chased her out and she returned to the complainant's house again. He advised her to go to be, when she "up with her fist" and hit him in the mouth. The his wife seized the coal rake and struck him with it. The defendant and his wife afterwards turned him out of the house, and he had to remain out all night. On the Thursday following the defendant again came into complainant's house and threw a cup at him which cut his elbow. On Tuesday last complainant went home between five and six o'clock and sat down to his tea. Complainant's wife and servant were the only persons in the house at the time, and when the servant went out he said to his wife, "If you do not intend to do different I intend to leave," and with that half a dozen clothes pegs came whizzing into the house. Immediately afterwards his mother-in-law came in, picked up a cup and saucer and threw them at him. She then swized a chair and was going to strike, and his wife took her mother's part, and they put him out of the house.

Defendant: John, can you look at me and say you ever saw me the worse of drink in your life?

Complainant: Yes, I have.

Defendant: Did you ever see me turned out of my own house?

Complainant: Yes, you were turned out of your house that night.

Defendant: He is my son-in-law and I never molested him.

The Chairman: You must not go to his house.

Defendant: I will not, but I will not allow him to abuse my daughter.

Mr. PAISLEY asked for the defendant to be bound over to keep the peace towards the complainant.

Defendant: My husband has served me longer than yours (laughter).

Mr. PAISLEY: She is threatening him even now.

The defendant was then bound over to keep the peace for six months, after which she said, "I will keep the peace for everlasting, but I will make him keep the peace."