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About 1,500 men are at present engaged in completing and repairing the

great Caledonian Canal, and their operations have in some respects been

facilitated by the late drought, which has reduced the waters of Loch Oich to a

lower level remembered by the memory of man, and thus rendered more easy the

removal of a subaquatic forest which has been discovered in the course of a

channel through the lake.

Some hundreds of trees of all sizes have been dragged out of this watery

bed, where they had lain for centuries, consisting chiefly of the finest

black oak - some of the logs 3 1/2 feet in diameter, other 25 to 30 feet long,

and several in high preservation, whilst others were charred by fire. A few

logs artificially hollowed out apparently to serve as canoes, were also got




A few days ago a boat's crew of the enterprising nautics of St. Monance,

Scotland, captured a sea eagle - a creature never before witnessed by the

oldest fisherman. This rare prodigy had made a hapless plunge beyond it's

province on a catering expedition, and in it's aquatic gambols became entangled in

the meshes of a turbot net, when instinct, craft, and energy entirely failed

to effect a release from it's inglorious bondage.

The computed length of this tenant of the deep was about four feet from

one extreme to the other, it had a brace of piercing eyes and a pair of

Jerusalem wings with which it plied in the fathomless abyss of the ocean, as it's

nominal relative traverses the aerial regions of infinitude. We understand

that this peculiar fish has been sent to the grand museum of the modern Athens.