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 Dr. Charles LOCOCK, first physician-accoucheur to her Majesty, has arrived at Windsor, and taken up his residence at the house of the Rev. D. F. MARKHAM, one of the canons of Windsor, and within the precincts of the castle.
 Dr. FERGUSON, second physician-accoucheur, and Sir James CLARK, Bart.,  one of the physicians in ordinary to the Queen have also arrived. Miss. LILLEY, who has been again engaged as her Majesty's monthly nurse, has been staying at the Castle. Her Majesty is still able to take her daily walks in the grounds adjoining the Castle and her Royal Consort.
      Two engines to be attached to two special trains have been commanded to be kept in constant readiness, with their steam up both day and night, at the Paddington terminus of the Great Western Railway, to start at five minutes notice for the Slough Station, to convey the great officers of State to Windsor Castle, from town on the occasion of the accouchment of her Majesty.
 A powerful alarm has just been  fixed at the Galvanic Telegraph Office at Paddington, communicating with the telegraph at Slough, for the purpose of arousing the attendant who sleeps at the office, in the event of a telegraphic express reaching the terminus from Windsor during the night. A trusty person has also been appointed to remain in attendance in the office of the Slough station the whole of the night.
 It is computed that a message can be expressed by the aid of the telegraph from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace in twenty-five minutes.