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We understand that his Royal Highness Prince ALBERT has  purchased the
gallery picture by SCHEFFER, the celebrated French artist, which  recently arrived
in this country. The price was, we believe, not less than  20,000f. It's
subject is from Gothe's fantastical and esoteric romance, Wilhelm  Meister.
Her Majesty has been graciously pleased to permit the 22nd  regiment to
assume upon its regimental or second colour, and likewise upon it's  appointments,
in addition to the word "Scinde" formerly authorised, the words  "Meeanne" and
"Hyderabad" in commemoration of the distinguished gallantry  displayed by the
corps in the general engagements fought at those places,  respectively, on
the 17th February and the 24th March, 1843.
The Earl of BRADFORD has given a piece of land at Bolton for  the erection of
public baths.
The intended Roman Catholic Cathedral at Bristol, which has  long remained in
an unfinished state, is announced for sale.
There is at present growing in the garden of Mr. PATON,  millwright, Luss, a
kail stock, measuring 11 feet in height, and, including the  branches about 33
in circumference, having the appearance of a small apple tree.  This is the
second year of its growth, and though carefully tended, the  proprietor has no
hopes of it living another year.
"I am afraid,"said a lady to her husband, "that I am going to  have a stiff
"Not at all improbable, my dear," replied her spouse, "I have  seen strong
symptoms of it ever since we were married."
The crops of more than 100 farmers have been destroyed ( says  the Brussels
Gazette) in the commune of Landeghem, Eastern Flanders, by a  violent hail
storm. The loss is reckoned  at upwards of  181,000fr.