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    In France during the last ten years,  ninety-five persons have been
convicted of parricide.
Several varieties of the American antelope, taken by Sir Wm.  D. STEWART, in
America, have been turned loose at his seat, at Menthly, in the  hope that
they will become naturalized in the mountainous parts of the highlands  of
A novel article of import was sold on Friday, in the city,  being 150 tins of
preserved turtle, from Honduras.
A little girl, hearing her mother saying she was going into  half-mourning,
asked if any of her relatives were half-dead!
Sir James GRAHAM has now before Parliament a bill to cause  Clerks of the
Peace and Magistrates' Clerks to be paid by salaries in lieu of  fees.
A marriage, it is said, will soon take place between the Earl  of Mulgrave,
only son of the Marquis of Normanby, and Miss. RUSSELL, niece of  the Dowager
Duchess of Cleveland.
Sir John GUEST stated to the House of Commons the other  evening, that he
paid in poor rates more than £1,000 per quarter. Every mill,  every mill, every
piece if machinery, every steam engine was assessed to the  poor.
At Winchester Assizes, on Friday last, in a case of  manslaughter, the
learned Judge, (WIGHTMAN) decided that for the man to beat his  wife with a small
stick was an illegal act.
A dreadful accident occurred at Rio de Janeiro on the 25th of  May, by the
bursting of a boiler of one of the small iron steamers belonging to  the
Kithershy Company, that ply between the city and Prata Grande, by which  upwards of
40 persons lost their lives.
At the Assizes for the department of the Seine, E. D. CADOT, a  youth of
eighteen, was charged with procuring the murder of his father, a rich  banker, by
the promise of 100,000 francs to the assassin. The temptations were  his
father's wealth, and his father's mistress, the latter a servant girl, to  whom
both were passionately attached!
The son was acquitted, the assassin convicted.