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Since our last the following cases were brought up and disposed of: -

John LOCK and Thomas MURRAY, charged with breaking into a garden at the
foot of Botchergate on the morning of Wednesday, and stealing a
quantity of fruit &c., The offense was fully proved, and the parties
being old offenders, were committed for six months each, with hard


Edward ATKIN, summoned for non payment ofr wages due to William
ARMSTRONG, was ordered to pay the amount claimed, together with costs.


William HODGSON and George LIGHTFOOT, charged with creating a common
nuisance by burying a quantity of carrion in a midden at Irish Damside,
were fined 4s each.


William LOWES was fined 4s. and costs for wantonly and cruelly
ill-using an ass.



George HUNTINGTON, a native of Wigton, was committed by Joseph
GILLBANKS, Esq., to Carlisle Gaol to take his trial at the ensuing
assizes for stealing a quantity of cheese and a knife from a tent on
Rosely Hill, on the tenth of June last, the property of Andrew BEATTIE,
innkeeper, Wigton.

It appears that after the robbery, the prisoner had absconded from the
neighbourhood, and was quietly resting at Brampton, but this coming to
the ears of Thomas HODGSON, superintendent of Police, Wigton, he with
his usual activity, started immediately for Brampton, and greatly to
the surprise of the prisoner (who imagined himself quite safe)
apprehended him.