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Every week, a subject will be given for the members of the XL Band to write
a letter on.  The letter must not exceed three inches of type.  It must be
written by the boy or girl without any assistance, signed, and posted in
time to reach the "Gazette" Office on Tuesday morning.  The best letter
received each will command for its writer a


As it is impossible to suit the tastes of all young folk in prizes, the
winner will receive an order on any bookseller, jeweller, or tradesman near
the winner's residence, or in the borough of Whitehaven, whose advertisement
appears regularly in the "Gazette", for the goods to the value of
Half-a-Crown.  This sum will be placed to the credit of such tradesmen's

The subject chosen for the comrades to write upon this week, according to
the foregoing condition is


Remember to write on one side of the paper only, not to exceed three inches
of type, and to post not later than Monday night.

Nephews and Nieces should bear in mind that they can put advertisements in
the "Gazette" for anything they want or have to sell, at the low rate of
twopence each for every 20 words.

Membership tickets will be printed shortly, and supplied to the comrades.

The Letters to Uncle Sam and the Winners Names will