The fortnightly meeting was held on Thursday.

    The Clerk read a letter from the Whitehaven Town Clerk, stating
that the Corporation had appointed a committee to meet a committee of
the District Council to discuss the question of Bedlam Beck, and asking
that the Parish Council should appoint a committee. The clerk said they
had perhaps better refer the matter to committee, because the
Corporation in October last held them to be liable for half  the damage
done by the flood, and at that time, on his advice, they repudiated any
liability, and he would advise them to do so still. On the proposition
of Mr. J. J. DIXON, the matter was referred to the Works Committee.

    The Works Committee reported that, after having carefully heard and
considered the evidence of several witnesses with reference to the
Braystones Railway Crossings, they were satisfied that the
representations of the Parish Council were incorrect, and the committee
did not recommend the Council to take any proceedings. They recommended
that the Parish Council be so informed. - The Chairman moved, and Mr.
DICKINSON seconded, the adoption of the report.

    Mr. WATSON preferred that the report should be sent to the Parish
Council to consider what course they would take; but he thought they
ought not to commit the District Council to any statement as to the
validity of the representation made to them in the meantime. - The
motion was carried, Mr. WATSON alone dissenting.