At the fortnightly meeting on Thursday, the guardians decided to
increase the out door relief during Jubilee week by one half. It was
also decided to allow the Workhouse children to attend the Frizington
Gala and the Jubilee Tea at Whitehaven, on the invitation of the

    The salary of Mr. HARTLEY, St. Bees, was increased £3 per annum,
on the proposition of Mr. KENWORTHY.

    Mr. DEES moved that the salary of Miss. SMITHARD, the industrial
trainer, be increased by £5 per annum, conditional on her imparting
such instruction to the infants as might be found necessary. He found
that the government Inspector had said that infants would be benefited
by having instruction on the kindergarten system, and he (Mr. DEES)
thought that MIss. SMITHARD could undertake what was desired. Mr. CRAIG
seconded. Mr. M'GOWAN asked whether Miss. SMITHARD had not sufficient
work on hand at present, and moved that the question be referred to the
Workhouse Committee.

    Mr. KENGELBACHER said the children between five and seven could go
to school in the town, and Miss. SMITHARD could teach the infants
between three and five.. Mr. MUSGRAVE supported the motion, and said he
hoped the inspector's fad would not be entertained for a moment. He
considered the kindergarten business was only rubbish - he had tried to
master it himself and failed. - The motion was carried.