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Advantage is being taken of the absence of Mr. and Mrs. TURNER to  
re-decorate and paper a portion of Ponsonby Hall.
It is understood that Mr. TURNER is going to give a treat and some  amusement
to the residents of Ponsonby on the Diamond Jubilee Day.
Mr. H. SANDWITH, gardener at Calder Abbey took up a nice sample of new  
potatoes on Saturday last.
The field of potatoes belonging to Mr. W. GELDART is looking remarkably  
well, the plants being of good size and most regular, giving promise of an early  
Four lambs were found dead last week end at Thornholm, and it is said a fox  
was seen about the same time not far from this village.
The Cricket Club is not doing well this season. The home team was beaten by  
Cleator Moor on Saturday. It has not scored a win yet.
The flower gardens at Sella Park are looking very pretty just now. In one  of
the greenhouses there is a scarlet geranium that extends itself against the  
wall for fifteen feet in height and about twelve in width. It is  in bloom  
all the year round. It is an exhibition in itself right now.
A thundercloud burst over the locality on Sunday morning, causing a flood  in
the small streams.
The angling has been poor for a few days past owing to the sultry weather.  A
fresh  in the Calder would do good.
There was an evening service for the first time this season at Ponsonby  
Church on Sunday last.