The "Penrith Observer" of Tuesday says:

The men assembled at the usual time in the Foundry Field, yesterday morning,
and after being inspected were sent to the Racecourse. Lord CHESHAM was
present with the Colonel. The regular drills were gone through by luncheon.

Sergt. FARRIER WINSKILL, Lowther Troop, was kicked in the ribs and on the
wrist by a comrades horse. The bugle sounded for the ambulance, and Corporal
PEARSON took WINSKILL to the doctor's headquarters, where he was attended to by
Surgeon-Captain BOWSER. It was found that no bones had been broken, but the
tendons of the man's wrist were badly wretched, and he was practically

Very shortly afterwards Trooper FRANKLYN, Carlisle Troop, was seen to fall
from his horse. The stretcher was soon brought, and Corporal SCOTT, Privates
BARTLEY and BLAKOE conveyed him to Surgeon - Captain BOWSER. It was supposed
that the horse kicked him when he fell. He was very ill, and had a fit, while
the doctor was attending him. In about an hour he was sufficiently recovered
to be taken to his quarters.

Pte. TODD, Lowther troop, had his horse badly kicked on the hind leg. The
limb was bandaged by Acting-Veterinary Surgeon ARMSTRONG and the animal was
taken home.

PTE. HAMILTON, Edenhall troop, was kicked by a horse just below the knee. He
sustained a very nasty cut, but fortunately the leg was not broken