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Police Intelligence.




Charles RODGERS, 60, labourer, Harrington,

was charged with having been drunk on licensed

premises on the 5th. Defendant did not appear

and the case was adjourned for a week.


Henry HAMILTON, 61, rag gatherer, was con-

victed on a charge of begging at Whitehaven on

the 15th inst., and was sentenced to a month's



Wm. John KAYLES, charged at the instance of

Margaret HENRIETTA with not complying with a

maintenance order made in respect to a prosecutrix's

child, was committed to prison for a month.


Richard ADAMS, 40, vagrant, was sentenced to a

similar term of imprisonment, for begging at

Whitehaven on the 17th inst.


Geo. LEES, 19, labourer, Egremont, charged with

sleeping out at Little Mill on the 15th inst., was

sentenced to fourteen days' imprisonment.


Hannah Elizabeth CARR, aged 10, and Emma

CARR, were charged on remand with begging at

Harrington on February 16th. The case was dis-



Geo. HENDERSON, 54, and James GRAHAM, 40,

tobacco spinner, were each fined 20s. for refusing

to quit licensed premises.


The following transfers (on the application of

Mr. E. ATTER) were granted: Steam Packet

Tavern, West-strand, from Mr. BARKER to Mr. E.

FARRELL; Robin Hood Inn, Senhouse-street, from

Mr. M. M'KALE to Mr. Benjamin COWAN.


~to be continued.