Raid on Public-houses at




Not a little commotion was caused in White-

haven on Tuesday in consequence of the circula-

tion of information to the effect that the local

police had made successful raids on betting men

at public-houses in the town. It was rumoured

that three public-houses had been raided, but there

were only two, namely, the Black Horse inn, situated

in Schoolhouse-lane, and the Commercial hotel in

Queen-street. As the Lincoln Handicap was being

run on Tuesday, a good opportunity presented

itself to the police for effectually carrying out the

raid. A "posse" of police, including Supt. KELLY,

Inspector DUNNE, Sergeant DOWTHWAITE, and

Constables DUNLOP and SHEFFIELD, and other

officers in plain clothes, visited the Black Horse

about three o'clock. The doors were secured by the

police, and a body of officers left in the street to

prevent any escape by the windows, &c., and twenty-

seven persons were arrested, one of whom was a

woman. The house and the occupants were searched,

after which the prisoners were conveyed to the police-

station, followed by a large concourse of spectators.

The police afterwards paid a visit to the Commercial

Inn, Queen-street, where three persons, including the

landlord and a woman, were arrested and conveyed to

the police-station.

The prisoners, after having their names and addresses

taken, were brought before J. G. DEES, Esq., and reman-

ded until to-day (Thursday), when the case will be

proceeded with before the magistrates.