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Letters to the Editor,



Dear Sir, With regard to the above letter

that appeared in the "Gazette" last Thursday, I

think the school managers will be very lax if they

allow such bosh as what Mrs. SHARPE writes to

go unchallenged. The public at large, as well as

the Inspectors, will very easily fancy that there is

some truth in it, if no steps are taken. Whereas

the whole of the remarks about education, the

church, choir, &c., are merely the simple, silly,

maunderings of one who evidently thinks that if

folks wont notice her one way they will another.

How fame is sought after! But any one of influence

or standing in the Dale knows her too well of old

to treat her remarks seriously or fancy that they

are anything but the outcome of petty spite and

jealousy. I am, faithfully yours,