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     The Parish Council, which will continue to be
a momento of Radical folly till the Conservatives
muster the courage to knock it on the head, is to
my mind a proper fraud, and succeeds in most
cases in providing the elements of an expensive
     As a rule, this institution costs a lot more than
it is worth, and as usual with Radical measures,
the antics of its members have to be paid for by
the farmers, who are rated and harried to such an
extent that many of them find it difficult to make
ends meet.
     It is satisfactory to know that in this division
of the county the Parish Council is going down in
popularity.  Folk are beginning to see that it is
a useless and costly toy, and therefore don't care
to play with it.
     The silly pranks played by the wise men of
Haile just gives one an idea of the danger of plac-
ing power in the hands of the class with whom
"a little learning is a dangerous thing."  The
village had a good supply of water and a covered-
in well.
     Yet the wiseacres conceived the idea of making
good better, and accordingly shifted the well to a
higher position, and when all the necessary work
was over they made the appaling discovery that
the water would not run up the hill to the well.
     Consequently the masonry was taken down and
the well re-erected on its own site, and the result
was the ratepayers had to pay the bill, and at the
same time to notice that the tampering with the
spring had diminished the supply of water.

               ~to be continued.