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 A Peal of Bells for Whitehaven.
     Although some of the members of the sub-
committee appointed to think over the suggestion
to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee
by the erection of one or two undenominational
schools, are anxious to get to work in a business-
like fashion, they find that the difficulties to be
surmounted are formidable.  The raising of such
a huge sum as £3,000 would, at the best of times,
be a serious undertaking, but just at present
when trade is so bad, and in addition to this, the
proposal itself, which ought to be a most popular
one, still hangs fire for want of earnestness and
spirit.  Owing to the self-same reason all the
other schemes are in a similar position, and it is
doubted that any of the others stand a chance of
advancing another stage.  It would be better far,
as this is really the case, to waste no more time
over any of the suggestions, but just drop their
consideration at once from a Commemoration point
of view, and divert the attention of the Joint
Committee to the Mayor's scheme in connection
with a daily service of steamers to the Isle of
Man.  This is a project that, if properly carried
out, will be of immense benefit now and here-
after.  But it may be deemed desirable to have
in Whitehaven some permanent monument to
hand down as a memorial of the event to
posterity, and which can be taken in hand and
carried out with some degree of unanimity and
vigour.  Should the Joint Committee go in for
daily communication with the Isle of Man, and
have ready for use on the day of the first trip,

              ~ to be continued.