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As may be seen from the prospectus in another page, Mr. BARLOW-MASSICKS in conjunction with the Hon.  H. V.  DUNCOMBE,  M. P., and Mr. PATTINSON, Mayor of Whitehaven,  is about to revive a most important local industry -- the Lonsdale Hematite Company.  Some idea of his ability and experience may be gained when it is known that from 1860 to 1865
Mr. BARLOW-MASSICKS was actively engaged in Hematite mining and colliery work in the Whitehaven district, being a partner in the Mowbray, the Eskett, and the Salter and Eskett Iron Ore Companies.
  In 1865 he founded the Cumberland Iron Mining and Smelting Co., which built the Ironworks at Millom, and which have been most successful.  Mr. BARLOW-MASSICKS was managing director of the Millom Ironworks for thirty years and for ten years of the Askam Co. as well.
He is at present much interested in the Green Slats Quarries in the Buttermere and Coniston districts, and for the past sixteen years has been chairman of the  Buttermere Green Slate Co., Limited. 
He has been a County Magistrate for nearly twenty years, and was selected as Alderman at the first election of the Cumberland County Council.  He was the first chairman of the Millom Local Board and a member of the Council of the British Iron Trade Association. 
 He has always taken an active interest in politics, and is an ardent Conservative of the progressive type.
   The above portrait is taken from an engraving which may be seen framed in many homesteads in the Furness district, a fact that testifies to the popularity and kindly
feeling evinced towards one who has contributed so much to the prosperity of the locality.