Cumberland Congregational
     The annual meetings of this Union were held
in the Congregational Schoolroom, Whitehaven,
on Tuesday and Wednesday last.  Representatives
were present from the various churches in the
neighbourhood.  The proceedings began with a
Devotional Conference, held on Tuesday evening.
The Rev. W. T. HERD presided, and the Rev. W.
DAY read a paper on "Our present needs in rela-
tion to Church life and work."  There was a good
attendance.  Wednesday's proceedings began with
a Devotional meeting, over which the Rev. C.
Wesley BUTLER presided.  The annual report and
statement of accounts were read and adopted,
after which the Mr. Joseph BUTLER was appointed
president, the Rev. W. A.  WRIGLEY secretary, and
Mr. M'GOWAN, Whitehaven, treasurer.  The
following were appointed new members of the
Executive:-- Revs.  W. T. HERD (Keswick),  W.
DAY (Carlisle), and Mr. R. R. BUCK (Carlisle).  A
vote of thanks was accorded the chairman and
officers for their services during the past year. --
The following grants were made: -- Blennerhasset,
£20;  Cleator Moor, £40;  Maryport, £40;  Park -
head; £15;  Wigton, £25;  Anthorn, £30;  Bramp-
ton, £30;  Aspatria, £20;  Alston, £15;  Bootle,
£5;  Parton, £35;  Silloth, £30; and £15 for
working expenses, in all amounting to £320.
A resolution of thanks was then moved by Mr.
J. G. OLDFIELD, thanking the Church Aid Society
for its grant of £170 from the Central Fund.
Rev. J. E. FLOWER, M.A., responded.  The
appointment of delegates was then proceeded
with, and resulted as follows:  Church Aid
Society, Rev. W. A. WRIGLEY;  London Missionary
Society,  Mr. M'GOWAN;  Congregational Total
Abstinence Society, Mr. J.G. OLDFIELD.  The
meeting then adjourned for dinner, and about 80
persons sat down to the tables. At the adjourned
meeting a resolution condemning the Education
Bill now before Parliament, was moved by Mr.
James BAIRD, and adopted.  A resolution was
also moved by the  Rev.  Geo.  KENNEDY
with reference to Turkey,  Crete,  and the
Powers,  and was opposed to this country
joining in any coercion of the Greeks.
    Yesterday (Wednesday) evening a public meet-
ing took place, and was well attended.  The Rev. A.
NAIRN presided.  One of the secretaries,  Mr. J.
P. BUCK, gave a resume of the report of the
Union.  The Rev. J. E. FLOWER, M.A., gave an
address on "Congregational Church Work," and
the Rev. F. HIBBERT spoke on "The Young
People of our Churches."