BIRD - On the 22nd inst., at Newhouses, Whitehaven, Wm. Little, son of
William BIRD, coalminer, aged 15 months.

BURNS - On the 18th inst., at Frizington, Deborah, wife of John BURNS,
gardener, aged 70 years.

DAVIES - On the 22nd inst., at Crescent Cottages, Drigg, Mary, widow of
Joseph DAVIES, aged 79 years.

ELLWOOD - On the 19th inst., at Harrington, Edith, infant daughter of
Robert ELLWOOD, steelworker.

FOX - On the 21st inst., William FOX, of Seacroft, St. Bees,
Cumberland, in his 34th year.

HUNTER - On the 19th inst., at Pica, Distington, Margaret, infant
daughter of Joseph Hunter, miner.

JOUGHIN - On the 19th inst., at Temple Lane, Catherine Street,
Whitehaven, Dorothy, widow of Thomas JOUGHIN, mariner, aged 76 years.

KENNEDY - On the 22nd inst., at 108 Queen Street, Whitehave, Mary
HAYES, wife of James KENNEDY, grocer, aged 51 years.

MAGEEAN- On the 24th inst. at 7 Littledale Lane, Whitehaven, Daniel
MAGEEAN, stone mason, aged 70 years.

M'MILLEN - On the 19th inst., at Cleator Moor, Joseph William, infant
son of Thomas M'MILLEN, miner.

MURPHY - On the 21st inst., at Cleator Moor, Eliza Ann, daughter of the
late James MURPHY, aged 25 years.

O'FEE - On the 21st inst., at 2 Peat Place, Mark Lane, Whitehaven,
James, infant son of Anthony Sewell O'FEE, butcher.

PRITT - On the 2nd inst., at Arlecdon, Jane, widow of John PRITT,
miner, aged 55 years.

PRESTON - On the 18th inst., at Woodside, Waberthwaite, William, son of
William PRESTON, farmer, aged 9 years.

SIMPSON - On the 17th inst., at 31 Roper Street, Whitehaven, Alfred,
infant son of Henry Irwin SIMPSON, mariner.

SOUTHWARD - On the 20th inst., at Egremont, Barbara, wife of William
SOUTHWARD, miner, aged 34 years.

TODD - On the 20th inst., at Low Road, Whitehaven, Hugh GIBSON, infant
son of William TODD, coalminer.

WALMSLEY - On the 19th inst., at 16 Fox Lane, Whitehaven, Edward James,
son of James Buldridge WALMSLEY, plumber, aged 2 years.